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What is a Learning Management System?

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Today every business sector needs a Learning management system. Whether it's an educational institution, retail outlet, or multi-national company, LMS has become an integral part of their business process. 

It can be a surprise that you haven't heard about this exquisite advancement. But, don't you worry, we are here to assist you with "ALL ABOUT LMS"!

This write-up can give you a clear idea about the reasons behind its popularity, what makes every sector invest in this domain and what are the benefits they get with this integration? Not only this, but we are also going to talk about the best possible steps to be taken to find the right LMS for your specific needs. 

So, we have it all covered for you in this write-up to help you know everything about LMS. Let's dive in!

Discussed Points:

  • Learning Management System: Explained 
  • Learning Management System: Figures and Facts
  • Learning Management System: Who Needs It?
  • Learning Management System: Types 
  • Learning Management System: How It Works?
  • Learning Management System: Features
  • Learning Management System: Advantages
  • Learning Management System: How to Select One for Your Organization?

Learning Management System: Explained

A learning management system is a tool that is considered by training companies around the world for the purpose of eLearning. Manually approaching to train employees is quite challenging. It requires a lot of resources in the form of training space, attendance of all the employees in one adequate time, learning material for all, and most importantly, interest. 

Training is considered one of the least interesting things during professional life. Not many employees are taking part in this process wholeheartedly. But, thanks to the process of LMS development, it has completely changed the things around. Now the entire process of training is shifted to the cloud. 

This software comes with the integration of proper administration, delivery of eLearning solutions, automation, and many other services. All in all, it makes the process of training easier, convincing, engaging, and most importantly, result-oriented. You can be assured that this approach can help you get your employees trained successfully that can help your business serve the clients without any hassle. 

This tool can be used with the use of any device. You can get this software ready-made, or also you can hire custom LMS development services to have the tool designed as per your business needs. Medium and large companies mostly prefer going forward with customized solutions as it helps them make the changes with the software as and when required. 

Hopefully, you are clear with what the Learning Management System is and why you must not hesitate to consider the same. Let's dig and know about LMS facts and figures that are shaping up the industries all around. 

Learning Management System: Facts and Figures

We all know how businesses from all sectors are calling out IT professional services providers for the purpose of LMS development solutions. The demand is growing at incredible speed because of the phenomenal results it's showing across the market. 

Whether it is in the healthcare industry or real estate industry, the demand for learning management software is just going in the upward direction. If you don't believe the same, then we have some numbers to show that can reflect how the demand for LMS is spreading like wildfire across the planet:

  • In terms of benefits, the impact of LMS has been tremendous in different forms like now successful completion of the course is now better by 65%, training efficiency in terms of pricing got better by 45%, employees work efficiency got improved by 37%, and retention rates got enhanced by 21%. 
  • As per the latest reports, it has been seen that more than 54% of businesses who have invested in this technology have experienced better results in terms of productivity. 
  • According to a recent study, the LMS market has been divided in the following ways: 2% government share, 21% educational institutes, 9% manufacturing industry, 12% technology, 3% real estate, and 7% healthcare and consulting organizations.

More than 90% of the companies who have integrated Learning management systems have experienced better links in terms of organizational performance and learning.

More than 87% of the organizations preferred opting for cloud-based LMS solutions, while only 13% of the organization considered installing LMS.

Moodle accounts for more than 73.5 million users in the domain of corporate learning management software, followed by Edmodo and Blackboard comes 3rd.

As per the latest survey, it has been seen that more than 63% of the LMS users are delighted with the respective innovation. The number is increasing with every passing day, indicating how industries are considering it to be the way to go moving forward. 

All these facts reflect why businesses are banking heavily in the domain of corporate LMS development. These key figures and facts gave you an idea of how moving forward with LMS can prove to be the right option to bring the best out of employees and eventually improve overall business performance as well. 

Learning Management System: Who Needs It?

Literally, every single business has to train its employees. Whether it is about getting them updated with a new software upgrade or company policies or helping them with induction, LMS solutions come in handy. As it is being now considered all across the user base of the software remains quite common. 

To assess the same, below mentioned are two of the primary learning management system users according to which it is developed around the world:


Learning initiatives are not just followed in the domain of educational institutes. Whether it is about training customers, members, partners, or employees, a learning management system can work wonders in the respective process. The best part is all the learners can use the software at once, and yet it works without any hassle whatsoever. The content material can be customized as per the learners in the respective software. 

The ones who have the authority to use the respective software in the form of learners can have access to study materials, courses and also track how they are progressing. They know the way to move forward through the software itself to complete the course successfully. It allows the learners to avail what they require to take part in the training process and get the same completed without any hassle. It makes the entire process a lot more engaging for the learners.


Though the primary users of the LMS are the learners but to make sure they use it right, comes the other users in the form of administrators. They are using the respective tool to ensure that the respective tool is used appropriately by the users to achieve the results they have in their minds. 

Companies hire IT consultation services so that they can have their LMS developed as per their business model. It helps the managers to create courses for the purpose of training, track the progress of the learners, update the content as and when required, make exercise enjoyable, and more. It helps managers to get a complete hold of how learners are going about their training and eventually helps businesses avail the results they are looking for. 

Now let's understand the different types of LMS that are considered by businesses in other sectors for various purposes. 

Learning Management System: Types

We all know there are many types of LMS. But it is essential that you use the proper form for your business to avail the results you are looking for. Not choosing the right type of LMS can prove to be less impactful. Here we are going to discuss the different types of learning management systems that are an option for you. Check it out:

1. Commercial vs Free

Commercial: When it comes to the commercial form of LMS, it is taken into consideration by businesses, educational institutes, and different organizations. It comes with support all around the clock, and the pricing depends on the number of features needed to be used. The features of the application are updated regularly as per the business needs.

Free LMS: There are several free LMS products available online to assist learners. It can be deployed with ease for the purpose of course development that can be accessed through an online learning solution. There are several free LMS available with quite exciting features that can be used by individuals and small business owners. The only issue with the same is that you might not get the support you are looking forward to having. 

2. Individual vs Enterprise

Individual LMS: This type of LMS solution is generally taken into consideration by individuals or small businesses. In this type of LMS, the features offered are quite restricted. Here the users need to pay for a license and get the same installed. 

Enterprise LMS: When it comes to the enterprise-level learning management system, it is generally a customized form that is considered by companies with more than 500 or even more employees. This form of LMS is highly scalable, which means it can be customized as per the business requirements and performance. Here the payment is mainly in the subscribed form where the users need to pay on a monthly basis

3. Boxed vs Cloud-based LMS

Cloud-based LMS: When it comes to a cloud-based learning management system, it allows the users to get access to the same through different devices without any hassle. It is scalable as per the business model, and you get the features you are looking forward to having. 

Boxed LMS: Talking about boxed LMS, it is basically licensed and comes with fixed features. It cannot be customized but proves to be cost-effective. This requires on-premise installation, and it keeps all the data very securely all the way through. 

Also, Read Boxed LMS Vs. Custom LMS: The Right Choice For The Future

4. Licensed vs SaaS

SaaS LMS: It is acknowledged as one of the most popular products of Learning management systems. SaaS LMS software is a ready-made solution that can be deployed without any hassle. But, this type of software cannot be customized. You need to use whatever the features have integrated from beforehand, nothing can be added further. 

Licensed LMS: When it comes to licensed LMS, you get the benefit of getting the same customized as per your business needs. It also comes with excellent support service. You can reach out to the experts and have the tool designed as per the user's reliability. It can be updated as per the business model, and you only need to pay for the features you use. 

Learning Management System: How It Works?

You can have your learning management system designed in such a way that the entire process of training becomes easier and more convincing. From course material upgrades to tracking the progress of the employees, it makes every single work a lot easier and more efficient. 

If you are still thinking about how this software is going to assist, then below mentioned is the importance of LMS integration solutions:

  • With the assistance of a learning management system, you can deliver a customized learning experience and that too as per specific learners. It allows the administrators to develop lessons, create assessments and activities that can attract learners, and keep them interested until they get the course completed successfully.  
  • It also helps the managers to create content and also update the same as and when required. 
  • It also plays a big role in helping learners and instructors avail the best platform to collaborate for different purposes without any hassle.
  • This tool can be developed as per your branding and cultural needs.
  • One of the biggest assistance administrators avail with the help of the respective tool is in the form of built-in analytics. You can assess the progress of the learners and then plan for the same accordingly.
  • It also promotes scalability so the software can adjust as per the organization's growth. 
  • It also plays a big role in making the entire training process interesting, interactive, and fun. So, you have more users participating in the process actively and assisting you with better results. 

So, this shows how your learning management system works and assists the businesses with better outcomes in the process. All you need is the assistance of a reliable enterprise software development company to get the software designed as per your custom needs.


Date : Mar 07 ,2022


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